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Mondays April.19-May.17 
1:00-3:00pm(5 weeks)
Wednesdays  April 21-May 19
7:00-9:00pm(5 weeks)
Supply list: All supplies for this  
                 session will be provided.
These sessions will be specific lessons and exersizes to better 
understand the most important fundamentals of creating beautiful artwork. We will be learning values, color theory, composition and proportion.
The six week session cost is 129.00
Contact Reian if you have any questions
405 696 2647

Values, An absolute fundamental part of realistic painting or drawing. The knowledge and ability to control darks and lights within an artwork is paramount in the difference between a realistic drawing and a cartoon.

Value - The Element of Shadow

 Value is one of the seven elements of art. Value deals with the lightness or darkness of a color.  Since we see objects and understand objects because of how dark or light they are, value is incredibly important to art.  (I'll remind you that drawing and painting is about seeing.)

Value deals directly to light.  We see things because light reflects off of objects and goes into our eyes.  Our mind processes the light and rationalizes what we are seeing.  Without light, we cannot see anything. In order to draw or paint in a way that creates an illusion of what we normally see, we must fully understand light and how it reacts on surfaces.  Value is the key to the illusion of light.

mportant to drawing and painting. 

Successful Artwork has a Full Range of Value

Artworks that exhibit a full range of value are generally successful.  It doesn't matter the type of art you are creating.  As long as there are dark values in harmony with light values, your artwork will most likely be aesthetically pleasing. A full range of value means that they are ample amounts of light values- called tints, and dark values - called shades.  

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