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2023 Mystified Realism

 This collection combines elements of both realism and abstraction to create a unique visual language that is both recognizable and abstracted.

Abstracted realism is characterized by the use of realistic subjects, such as people or objects, that are depicted in a distorted or abstracted manner. The artist may use bold colors, thick brushstrokes, or other techniques to create a sense of movement or energy in the painting.

One of the key features of abstracted realism is the way that it allows the artist to explore and express their own unique vision of the world. By combining realistic elements with abstract forms, the artist can create a visual language that is both personal and universal.

In Reians work, you can see this style in action. His paintings often feature figures that are rendered in a realistic style, but are then overlaid with abstracted shapes and colors. This creates a sense of tension and energy in the painting, and invites the viewer to explore the relationship between the realistic and abstract elements.

Overall, abstracted realism is a powerful style that allows artists like Reian to push the boundaries of traditional art forms and create something entirely new and exciting.

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